Hello World

18 02 2013

Hello world!

Long time no post. I’m sure I could conjur up some excuses as to why I have not been active whatsoever on this blog but alas, I’m here now.

It’s been an exciting year, busy working sometimes seven days a week. My schedule has calmed down so it’s time to play catch-up.

I just posted six reviews. Other reviews to come include:  Golden City, Bon Rouge, Pizza on Fort, Cosmos Pizza, Jade Fountain, Sura, Voodoo Coffee, Lure, Crooked Goose Bistro and Sizzling Tandoor(Uptown).

Also, fun events coming up for Victoria: Dine Around Victoria and Culinaire coming up in March!




-Eating Victoria



The Spiral Coffee Co.

18 02 2013

The Spiral Coffee Company is a cozy hideaway in Esquimalt. On my lunch break, my colleague and I stumbled upon this nook and had a very pleasant lunch. I had some soup accompanied with fresh bread and an expertly made americano. The soup was black beans, fresh vegetables with the kick of some chiles. The bread was really nice, with seeds on the crust. The space is spattered with art and local musicians perform regularly. Another great neighbourhood community cornerstone.

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Argyle Attic

18 02 2013

Argylic Attic is the hipster hangout directly above[and connected] to Smith’s Pub. Argyle lends itself to a conversational evening moreso than Smith’s. The decor is funky and ‘attic’ is a great descriptor of this establishment. It’s quiet and a great place to have a leisurely drink and/or nibbles. To enter Argyle, enter Smith’s head to the bathrooms and turn right up the stairs and right once more.

The service is casual and warm. The drinks are good, although I find the “whiskey bar” concept limiting. The food I tried was good, but I’ll have to try a few more things for a better opinion. Fun space to hang out.

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Tropical Island

18 02 2013

Tropical Island feels like an island on the Shelbourne stretch. The decor is unique but questionable in taste. The service was more than friendly. The food is a mish-mash of Malay, Singaporean, Thai and Chinese. We started with an appetizer of roti canai, oily soft and layered bread with red curry coconut sauce for dipping. I was vegetarian at the time so I ordered some mixed vegetables with rice (Cashew Vegetable Delight). Our server was very sweet and she was able to answer any questions we had. I would come back here to try some of the other dishes, there are a lot of things I’ve never seen or heard of before. A fun spot in the Shelbourne area.

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Halibut House

18 02 2013

Halibut House is not in the most convenient location, but I’m sure that people who live near Quadra and Cloverdale don’t want it moving anytime soon. The dining room is small but the woman(owner?) running the floor literally runs around and makes sure you are served quickly. The siu mai, beef flank and long beans are superb. The prices are reasonable for above-average food. I’ve been back multiple times for lunch. Great job!

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Smokin’ Tuna Cafe

18 02 2013

Smokin’ Tuna is a great place to stop for lunch in the Sooke area. I went last summer after a hike in East Sooke and a visit to the farm/bakery nearby. The cafe is quaint but the location is beautiful, right on the water. We ordered inside and sat outside on the patio to wait for the food. I had a sandwich and salad which was decent overall, fresh but the flavours were so-so. My friends had the tuna(fresh albacore) which was breaded and fried, barely cooked with a salad and aioli. The texture was perfect and the fish was really the star of the dish. The menu is small but the everything is fresh. I enjoyed the setting and smelling the fresh cookies coming out of the oven on our way out.

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Big Wheel Burger

18 02 2013

Big Wheel Burger
341 Cook St.

Big Wheel is a departure from the gourmet burger movement. It’s a slap in the face to the artisanal cheeses and ancient grain buns adorning burgers in Victoria at an alarmingly and annoying rate. I like toppings but reading some menus it becomes frustrating seeing all the combinations. For that, I give Big Wheel props. It’s doing simple burgers, well-sourced meat and an overall ethical mission with waste disposal. Sauce, lettuce, tomato is really all you need on a burger. Sliced cheese not triple cream brie. The buns are soft and large, so the bun to burger ratio is off. The interior is clean and staffed with friendly burger slingers. A lot of people complain about the prices, and they will continue to complain. The restaurant concept is consistent with other “back-to-basics” fast-food chains. I wish them all the best.


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